168-Gallons 80% Liquid/Spray hand sanitizer by the pallet. Bulk-Wholesale!

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We are closing the operation and will be fully shut-down June 1, 2021!!! Thanks for your support.. our mission is complete. 

THIS IS our 80% liquid hand sanitizer that we produced (under the name SaniHOO- same stuff as our hoosier product). All USA made (we made it). There are 168-Gallons per pallet. You are buying 1-pallet (168 gallons boxed and ready to ship).NOTE: We have 2-different packaging options (specify after purchase if you care which one). One has them individually boxed (1 gallon units) the other pallets have them in 2-packs (gallons). The total volume is the same/168 gallons per pallet.

This is a crazy price of way under cost and will move quickly!!! We must be totally finished/shipped/and cleaned up right at 6/1/21 -- so don't delay if you want the last of our products!

Also, we are selling off our plastics, cardboard, and any remaining sanitizer in large lots. Please email us if you have any questions! hoobrew@gmail.com

PLEASE HELP if you know of a manufacturer, dealer, broker, or individual who are interested in large volumes of these supplies. 

***THESE CAN BE PICKED UP or we can help you arrange freight. Shipping is NOT included in this price but we can quote!